I Will Not Be Silent tells the story through a 9 year-old's eyes of physical and mental abuse and a life consumed with fear, anger and denial. She slowly loses her childhood, having to care for her younger siblings and help run the household as her father's continual drinking escalates. Her father's alcoholism spirals out of control and his sanity begins to erode. Her mother finally makes the decision to leave him for the final time, but unfortunately that time brings life-changing consequences to the entire family. The images of that day continue to plague April, but she has made it her mission in life to be a voice to the voiceless, and break the cycle!

This compelling work puts a human face on the problems that go with abuse and addiction. It tells how determination and faith in God can help break the cycle of abuse that continues from generation to generation.


Scheduling speaking engagements now. Please contact me at iwillnotbesilentbook@gmail.com

UPCOMING EVENT: Allen County Public Library Author Fair, November 8, 2014, Noon-3 p.m.

05/07/14 Thank you to the Florida Coalition Against Domestic Violence for having me speak! It was an amazing experience, and I met some inspiring people.

Special thank you's to Elijah Haven Crisis Intervention Center for having me there to share my story for their 2nd annual fund raiser, and Culpeper County Domestic Violence Task Force that flew me to Virginia for their 2013 Vigil. I have been blessed to see a community committed to fighting Domestic Violence that inspired me more than they know.

11/11/11 CHECK OUT my interview with Mitch Kruse, author of Restoration Road. Go to: http://vimeo.com/30876386

It has been an exciting journey the last two years after publishing "I Will Not Be Silent" I am humbled and amazed at all the blessings that have come from a work that continues to help me heal. I appreciate the support and encouragement I have gotten from my readers and Facebook fans. Thanks to all of you! Much love, April

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About April J. Maley

I am just a regular person who has seen much tragedy, but I have also gotten the chance to see great transformation and rebirth as well. It is possible...something I felt was impossible. I had no hope. I was on empty. Until I learned that I had to forgive those that caused me such pain, I could not live my life. I was, in essence causing much pain to the one's I love and that are still here. It is a journey, and the only destination that I look forward to now is the one of me meeting my Savior face to face knowing I have used everything that has been given to me...good and bad, to help others begin to heal.

If you feel there is no where to turn, please don't give up. There is always someone you can reach out to...all you have to do is ask.

God Bless,


National Domestic Violence Hotline 1.877.988.5559

National Suicide Hotline 1.800.273.8255


Our greatest glory is not in never failing, but in rising up every time we fail.  ~Ralph Waldo Emerson



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There is a village named Hudson in the northwest corner of North Carolina. About 300 people live there. It’s small enough so that everyone knows each other, but also so small that in a matter of minutes, any and all kinds of gossip spreads all over town. Read more

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